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 <대학소식>3rd Philippines National Open & Interscholastics Table Tennis Championships
 관리자    2010-11-15  2732
Greetings! Our SPCF Table tennis Men & Women Team are Gladly to report the results in the previous 3rd Philippines National Open & Interscholastic

Table Tennis Championships which was held last November 3-7, 2010 at the Philippine Sports Complex (Ultra) Pasig. On the first day of the tournament therewas the Men’s Team Open, Women’s Team Open, Men’s School Team, and Women’s School Team.

The game started at 8:30 a.m. and was continually been playing at 10:00 p.m. Even though our players are tired and exhausted they manage to reach at the quarter final which is the top 8. The team just lost their matches at the RP national team and University of Cebu. The SPCF Men’s team rank as Top 6 at the Men’ Open and Top 5 at the Men’s School Team. Our SPCF Women’s team entered also the Quarter Finals and they rank top 5 at the Women’s Team Open Event and also in Women’s School Team Event.

There were about 30 Schools in college and over a thousand participants. Those who entered the Top 8 Team Event received a Plaque as follows and selected to participate to the Binay Cup at the Makati City in which we are respectably invited. The single event started at the third day of the competition they manage to enter the pre &#8211; quarter finals of their brackets and lost their game in a close fight with RP players. Our doubles pair in Men manages to enter the top 8 quarter finals and lost at the RP pair.

We are lucky enough that the playing area and quarters are air-conditioning even though we experienced hardship of lacked of water for 2 days. This tournament had taught us to practice more and achieve higher for the school.

We had achieve our goal to promote Systems Plus College Foundation to the others school and earn its respect from other school that we a competitive and eager to win more for the school. The team lacks equipment to use such as high quality rubbers and blade wood to perform well. Our players possess the skill and ability and with proper facilities and equipment we can merge more and perform well on the tournaments.